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Artekai Productions adds Jesse Vega to its first ever upcoming Short Film “The Weekend”

Artekai Productions a Production company specialize in dance visuals and choreographic art is adding Film-Making on there first produced project titled "The Weekend".

"The Weekend" sypnopsis

:A comedy where best friends Davon and Marcus plan a laid back day together. Until, an unexpected turn for the worst when Davon misplaces the 8th of weed he intended to share with Marcus. Which leads them on a search to find another dealer.

It's been confirmed that Jesse Vega has signed on to the project & he will be playing the comic-relief drug-dealer "Harry".

Artekai productions has been in co- collaboration with J-V3GA Prod and they recently won 3 awards for "Tell Me(Lies)" for co-producing and producing the visual. This will be very exciting to see this new start for Artekai. No details on the film release but it can be sometime 2024.

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