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#1 J-Lo Impersonator Hires #1 J.Lo Fan Jesse Vega for A Tribute Show for the Latina Superstar as &qu

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

Connie Pena, is no stranger to the media and the business when it comes to making headlines because she has been named as the #1 J.Lo Impersonator in the streets of Las Vegas. Connie Pena has been impersonating Jennifer Lopez for about a year and a half and for her 2nd year doing the Latin Superstar she has been gearing up a huge special TRIBUTE SHOW in honor/love and support of the Latin Queen.

In a matter of 1 year she has been called by media outlets throughout Latin America,US/UK,Brazil, Mexico, Dubai and the list continues to grow as she

continues her journey. Connie, has performed for Despierta America Interviewed

for both TELEMUNDO & UNIVISION,Televisa,Record Tv in Brazil and Fox. As well as

being featured on top publications as like Oprah Winfrey, People Magazine,ETV,TMZ,Wendy Williams and more. Recently, she just finished working in Brazil on a special reenactment of the Feb 2,2020 Super Bowl Show where she co-headlined with #1 international Shakira Impersonator that continues to day to

make buzz.

Now, she has decided to bring out the best of the best with regards to creating this huge Tribute Show on March 7,2020. Connie Pena will be performing this Saturday live in "RHYTHMS EVENT CENTER" in the Las Vegas strip sharing the stage co-headlining with the Marc Anthony Tribute Artist Anthony Alvarez. To put this huge show together for Connie and create the biggest tribute show that you have ever seen. She has decided to bring out to Las Vegas #1 J-LO Fan and now is to date a huge viral sensation through TIKTOK "Jesse Vega" aka J-HO. To accompanied and Artistically Direct and Choreographed the best of the best signature choreography from J-Lo and the vision to bring the fans of Jennifer Lopez to life. Jesse Vega has been a fan of J.Lo for years, studied her moves performed her signature hits and is considered the best J.LO male persona that has ever to graced the earth with bis talent as a Dancer, Now, for the first time to choreograph a huge piece will be phenomenal to see what he will bring to the table to the #1 J.LO impersonator.





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