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Jesse Vega To Co-Host "The Spotlight Show" MNN on Nov 15 for Christmas Special.

Announced early this afternoon on Jesse Vega's Instagram. Jesse has made a special big announcement on November 1 he will for the first time ever Co-Host "The Spotlight Show" produced/written and directed by David Martinez. Jesse has been part of the show twice in the past once back in the fall in Nov 2018 when he promoted "Vega411" Season 8 and his acting ventures. Then back in June 2019 he went back to give the announcement of his Sophomore Album name "WHO I AM" and promote new music.

Now the producers of the show has loved his energy and what he brings to the show and his hosting credentials on "Vega411" they have ask him to co-host the Holiday special. The holiday special will be pre-taped on Nov 15 with a airing date week before Christmas in Dec!

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