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"Kenny From The Jump" Premiers TOMORROW!!

Jesse Vega is smoking hot this past fall with 2 back to back projects under his belt in the Acting world. This past weekend, he just announced and released his big start into the Movie scene as he made his way into Television with his first feature length film since 2016's "The Crooked Mind". "Pride & Prejudice:Cut!" is a Rom/Com under G Its Entertainment has been well received within the world. Not only was it released in Canada this September but even in the US on UPTV!. Now, Jesse's been hard at work on a new Web-Series called "Kenny From The Jump". "Kenny From The Jump" is a comedy/drama about where the lead character named "Kenny" revolvs his 3 roommate friends "Johnny,Dom and Rick" on his pursue of becoming the next big filmmaker by presenting "Homage" videos to convince he has what it takes to be a successful cinematographer. Jesse plays "Johnny" the finance wiz of the group who has a bit of an alcohol and drug problem of a twisted sense adventure.

The series stars Georgetta Buggs,Chris Pratt,Jillian Pelletier and Samantha Salam. Under FAQ Productions and Directed/Written/ produced by Darshawn Sittimpalm. The Pilot episode will premier tomorrow on Youtube.

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