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“Kenny From The Jump”-Screening(Pilot) Debuting Mid September!

Just in a matter of weeks till the debut premier of the Pilot Episode Of “Kenny From The Jump” premiers. Here is what you can expect on the first look storyline in Episode 1/3. 

Johnny, Dom, and Rick are almost three completely different people. However, they all have one thing in common: their obnoxious, young, naive, endearing, and arrogant filmmaker(also narrator) friend, Kenny. As they get ready for Kenny's screening and an upcoming uncomfortable double date scenario, Janni and Dom sift out some old and new grievances, while Rick does his best to keep the best. They see a fan made version of I am Legend. There are some new friends introduced into the dynamic, Aimee and Sasha, which can lead to a whole other set of issues.

“Kenny From The Jump” Stars Jesse Cega,Georgetta Buggs,Christopher Tsang Jillian Pelletier,Samantha Sallam and Darshawn Sittipalam.

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