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"Who I Am" Pre-Order 05/31

Last week Friday Jesse Vega announced a special announcement on his upcoming Sophomore Album "WHO I AM" will be released for pre-order May 31,2019. "Who I Am" will serve as his 2nd project since 2017 "MICROPHONE". The album will consist of singles like "He'll Never Be Me","Let Me' and promo track "Keep Watching Me". Jesse states this album is very personal and dear to his heart. He expresses its's a 360 degree angle from the Dance-Pop EDM house tracks he previously released and it's more of a Pop/R&b URBAN TYPE VIBE.

The album, will consist of 10 tracks and 4 are brand new songs with 1 added cover and 1 alternative version fo the latest single "Let Me". He says the song will be different then the single that just released more Urban/Pop.

"WHO I AM" will be up for pre-order's with single previews on May 31. Details on the album cover/track list and revealed album date.

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