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J-Ho will Perform a J-Lo Medley In HONOR OF JLO 20 YEAR CAREER "QUEENS PRIDE 2019"

Only 1 week away till Jesse Vega AKA J-Ho will step on to the stage of Club Evolution Live and in Color for Queens Pride Festival 2019. This will be his third time performing at this festive big event and he plans to pull out the big guns for this year's Summer PRIDE SEASON!.

For this year, J-Ho plans to make a huge appearance as he plans to bring out a show-stopping medley homage performance of J.Lo Iconic 20 year of "Hits". On top of promoting Jennifer Lopez this will be part of him promoting Jennifer Lopez Summer Tour of "Its My Party:50th Celebration Tour for her 20 Year career!.

He has brought along 4/5 dancers along with him and attached is a still image in rehearsals. The choreography will showcase some of her iconic dance sections along with original choreography from Hayley Kiriazi!

Queens Pride begins the festival event from 12pm-6pm

J-Ho enters the stage at 3pm.

don't miss it

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