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"Kenny From The Jump"-WebSeries Cast Jesse Vega!!

Jesse Vega is getting back yet again into the small screen of the world of Web-Series. As he has just been announced to be part of an ensemble cast on a comedy online series called "Kenny From The Jump".

"Kenny From The Jump" is a series about a group of 5 friends revolving around "Kenny". On Each of the separate character's live there lives on discussing the film screening on "Kenny's release.Each character talk amongst themselves of the support and thought's they have of his project being presented to the crew as he becomes to persuade his friends on him becoming a successful filmmaker.

Jesse plays "JANNI"

JANNI: Is the bubble pricker and the one who has more logic in the crew by carrying a lot of frustrations and stress amongst himself. His face gives the impression that he lives a semi lonely personal life and RICK and DOM are the closest he considers as friends or family.

This will be Jesse's 3rd series being part of an ensemble cast since 2016' "Stars Dance:The Series that produced only 2 season which in the end became cancelled. Prior to that 'How To Make It Big in 2015.


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