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Flicks Films Festival Picks-"Pride & Prejudice:Cut! for Summer Festival!

G Its Entertainment has been winning big on the upcoming feature length film titled "Pride & Prejudice:Cut". Due in the spring, for first Screening on the west coast of Hollywood California. Just a few hours ago the Executive Producer Elizabeth Snorderly announced the movie has been picked up as a winner and selection for the 2019 "Flicks Films Festival" on June 2019 in London England.

The film tells a story about a female actress Kate Miller played by Lexi Giovagnoli on her call back to be part of the classic tale of Jane Austins Rom-Com "Pride & Prejudice". Issues arise as the actors within the film production become side eyed to not understanding how an American Actress get a part as a British role . It stars David Witts as well and supporting character Jesse Vega as Spencer the costume designer.

The movie will get its first screening on March 25 2019 in California. More details coming real soon stay tuned.

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