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"He'll Never Be Me" Visual makes 350 Views in a week

In a week ADMITONE FILMS Produced Music video collaborative production with Jesse Vega "He'll Never Be Me" cracks 350 views in a week. Making it the 6th Visual in it's entirety to be released in it's original work.

Goal is to make 500 views before January ends quotes:A&R Daniel Rodriguez says. In other great news "Take It Away" is only few views away from cracking 1K by it's One Year anniversary on Jan 26,2019. If achieved it will be it's third visual cracking the 1K mark.

Here are the views in a released week basis on Jesse's Released Visuals from most viewed to least.

"Beat Your Face-1K in a week on July 24,2017 (Original Release) July 18,2017

"Im Gonna Show You-500 Views in a week on Oct 21,2016(Original Release) Oct 15,2016

Other visuals "Take It Away,Whats Goin On & Beat Your Face:Remix no accurate numbers due to them being low.

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