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2019 “Who I Am” hits 10K streams worldwide!!

Sophomore album “Who I Am” by Jesse Vega has hit 10,000 streams with an estimate of 20 physical units sold and 19 songs sold. The album news comes 3 weeks prior to the 4 year anniversary of the album.

“Who I Am" released on July 26,2019 has put out 3 singles "He'll Never Be Me", "Let Me" & "Keep Watching Me(Remix)". With all the singles the album gained a moderate lucrative hit. Now with worldwide streams at an all time high the records that are based are the non-singles. "Preety Boy" 5K streams & "Can't Be Tamed"(Cover) Miley Cyrus 3K streams. With the other records gained the remaining 2K streams.

Stream/share and listen to "Who I Am"

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