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MICROPHONE Album Makes 1 Year Anniversary!

Happy 1 Year Anniversary to Jesse Vega's DEBUT ALBUM "MICROPHONE" released on Sept 22,2017. The Album, was produced by TecMuseProductions aka Barry Vazquez and written by Jesse Vega and a few added on writers. "MICROPHONE" was recorded between June 2016-April 2017. The album produced hits like "I'm Gonna Show You","Beat Your Face" and 'Take It Away". The album released a promo record to support Jesse's Talk-Show "Vega411" with a song called "Whats Goin On"ft Kenny Supreme.

"I'm Gonna Show You" became the first lead single off the album and was released through all music outlets on Sept 30,2016. The single became the first record by Jesse to be released and show the world his entrance as a Recording Artist. It sold 13 physical copies on iTunes alone with over 800 streams close to hitting 1K by Spotify & Apple Music to date. The visual which was released on Oct 15,2017 became the first video to hit 1k in 6 months by April 2018. His second single and his most signature track "Beat Your Face" became the first ever LGBT Dance track to hit airwaves. It sold 10 physical copies iTunes and 500 streams and counting. Aside from the single, the visual storm Youtube views by cracking up to 3.5 K views less then 1 year of the visual being released. Making 'Beat Your Face" out-beat "Im Gonna Show You" the fastest music video to hit that milestone in less then a year.

7 months later Jesse released his final record off the album "Take It Away". The single didn't do as strong as his previous records but his visual alone caught people attention due to the cinematography by Liu Liam. The visual only 200 views away to hit the 1,000 mark so keep streaming and downloading and watching.

In total, the album MICROPHONE became a first mark and made sales around the world. It has made over 1.2K streams with 4 people physical copies sold worldwide. Happy Anniversary to "MICROPHONE" AND CHEERS TO THE NEXT ERA IN 2019.

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