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"VenTeaTalk Panel" Spin-Off To "Vega411" Debuts 2019.

Yesterday Night on Facebook/Instagram Live, Jesse Vega announced a brand new show that will be coming to Youtube and more at the top of 2019. The show, is titled "VenteaTalk Panel" a spin-off show to "Vega411". The 'VenTeaTalk Panel" is a brand new show that surrounds a panel of host that piggy back on a variety of topics in Pop Culture/Music/Tv Shows/Politics and more.

Alike as "Vega411", on this show instead of 1 host there will be 3. Plus as each episodes progress the show will bring in a new guest to showcase and promote there work.

Ventea Talk Panel has started off in a segment of Vega411 back in Season 6 in 2017. With it's first topic of "Britney:Ever After" BIOPIC.

The segment came back twice in Season 7 of the show with topics of "Top 5 Picks" as well closing the season finale with a whomping 5.7K.

The Show, is currently is open for submissions looking for there Top contenders to host this brand new show for a release Top of 2019. Jesse Vega signed on to Produce/Edit the brand new series coming to Youtube and more.

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