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Indépendant Music Awards 2018(Recap)

It was a festive night of events as the LDM Radio held there 2nd annual "Independent Music Awards 2018". Full of nominations/speakers/live performances and of course the winners of the night. One of the nominees of the night who was present for the award ceremony was Jesse Vega. Nominated as a contender in the Pop Category for his Top5 record peaked at #4 "Take It Away" was up for a slot to win for the night. He took the stage to perform for the first time ever at the award show opening with his record "Take It Away" into a surprised mashup of J.Lo's "Dinero". The crowd was so supportive and wowed on his vocal delivery and stage presence amongst his dancers carried through the show. As the night went on to announce the winners the one who took the Pop Category Artist of the Year was none other then "Fabian Cedano for his debut record "Codependant". Fabian, is not only an artist but a friend and guest of the show of "Vega411" as he grace the stage to receive his award. Amongst the nominees like Alyxx and Vero G who also was on the show of "Vega411"

View the beautiful images of the nominees and winner of the show of the night. Plus,stay tuned for Jesse's live performance available to watch on his Music Youtube channel.

Here are your list of winners of each category!!

Wow thank you all for coming to the 2018 Independent Music Awards Here are your 2018 Independent Artist Winners:

Country: Franklin Cisco Burns Jazz: SOULMEAL R&B: Cle-ph Rnb Hip-Hop- Lil Deuces Pop- Fabian Cedeño Reggae - Damion Anthony Latin - Masama Martin Vignale Poetry/Spoken Word - London Nicole

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