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Jesse Vega Performs for 2nd Annual "Independent Music Awards" 07.14.18

On July 14,2018 the second annual Independent Awards will take in effect on honoring all the independent musical artist from the tri-state area. Jesse Vega, is not only being nominated for his record "Take It Away" but is also performing!. "Take It Away" enter the Top50 charts of the LDMRADIO on Jan 10,2018. It enter the chart Top10 on its first week at #8 and in month and half before the voting closed on April 3,2018 it peaked Top 5 #4. Jesse is being nominated in the Pop Category for "Take It Away". The Visual for the single is available to watch on Youtube with close to hitting 700 hits!

If your interested to attend the "Independent Music Awards" July 14,2018 tix available below there running out!

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