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Haylie Kiriazi & CherryBlossom Sign On for:”Beat Your Face Remix” Visual This Summer!

This Summer will be full of performances and new tunes for Jesse Vega. Few days ago he was on Raw & Ready and announce how he working on a remix visual for his most view Video “Beat Your Face”. “Beat Your Face” was released last year in May 2017 with a visual in July. As of today, it’s the most viewed visual of his Videography with hitting 3.5K. "Beat Your Face" visual was choreographed by Haylie Kirazi alongside of Akiko Kuoka. Now,Haylie is joining back on her 3rd collaboration with Jesse on the remix visual.

Their last collaboration was "Take It Away" released in January. The visual was Haylie's first music video to be hands on artistically and creatively. "Take It Away" just hit half of 1,000 views and continues to climb.

Attached to the project of the visual cinematographer of videography Cherry Blossom will be joining with the gang to be hands on in the visual project. Cherry Blossom has worked with Vega previously on a photo-shoot this past Jan. Her credits include filming a few past visuals for pop artist Kenny Supreme "In Love Wit You" & "Feel It Like Me". She quotes "she so excited to work on this new collaborative effort with Jesse Vega and can't wait to start filming."

The Visual will be very cinematic with the essence of New York City Landscape and Background. The song will be debuting on June 3rd live in Queens Pride Hosted by Yaritza Dumont and Dj Eddie Cruz.

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