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CoolBreeze & Songwriter "WhoIsHe" will Contribute to Jesse Vega Sophomore Project.

Its been close to 5 months since Jesse Vega has put out any new material since his last effort record in Dec "Take It Away". Produced by Maverick and written by both Jesse Vega and A&R Rep Daniel Rodriguez. "Take It Away" has been making it's rounds on the radio charts Top5 at #4 and 2nominations for "Cinema World Fest and "Independent Music Awards" this June.

Back in Jan 2018,Jesse Vega posted a snap-shot of him in the booth quoted "Back At It for 2018..." Then in March he was shown in the studio for "St Patricks Day" and sources say he in the mix of working in a more different direction then the Dance-Pop route. He quotes "This next record will go into a place where I always wanted to do aside from the Pop-Dance route and go Urban.

Currently there is new updates he's been for the past few months linking up with Producer/Engineer "CoolBreeze". Cool Breeze, has been working in the producing phase for a decade now. His specialty is Hip/Hop,Urban melodic type music and he has a few bangers to give J-Ho. He also executive produced for artist Vero G in her first debut "Trials & Tribulations". She was shown on a episode on "Vega411" season 7 on episode 6.

Aside from CoolBreeze collaborating with Jesse on some new tunes Jesse has also linked up with longtime friend and songwriter "WhoIsHe" aka MelP. MelP, is excited to work on new material for J-Ho. He says he wanna write honest and truthful songs that comes from a place of honesty and heartache and depth.

More details on the way on music and collaborations. That is to say are you interested and excited enough to see what J-Ho got's coming soon. No details on any records or record dropping but will keep you posted when that becomes in fruition.

J-Ho & CoolBreeze taken Feb 2018

Jesse in the studio taken Jan 2018

JESSE V. In the booth first captured early 2018.

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