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LGBT Short Film "How About That Fettucini" Cast Jesse Vega

It's been nothing but great news for Jesse Vega as he been banking in work from Music to Vega411 and of course acting. Now, he will be back yet again filming this spring for another Short film a comedy called "How About That Fettucini". The film is under independent production company "The Crooked Gene" produced and written by director and producer Will McNair who specializes in doing stories revolving around the LGBT Community.

The film tell's a story about Kevin who takes a chance on dating a guy Ronald played by Jesse Vega outside of his type and comfort zone. Filming begins the end of the month of April into early May. This will be Jesse's 6th short film installment film from when he filmed his last short last year in the fall called "Last Night On Earth" which is as of yet being in post production and his 7th overall filmmaking from him filming this past Jan a Feature "Pride & Prejudice:Cut" which is also in post-production.

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