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Vega411 Season 7 Nominated at the #OOLEEAwards

  The brand new season of Vega411 has started entering its new season on Jan 6,2018 and its been doing very well for its new quarter. Just recently, the show has made a historical milestone for the first time as Episode 5 Of “Vega411” became the first episode in Seven Seasons to hit 1K! Special guest of the show Fabian Cedeño who was a guest on March 12,2018 brought in massive views within the 48 hour mark of 1,000 Hits! As of now it holds strong with 2K and 900 Likes!. 

   “Vega411” was first nominated and won in 2017 for Season 6 Of “The OOLEE AWards” at he “Public Media Awards Or Excellence” for Entertainment Talk-Show category. Now,it has nabbed in its second nomination for 2018.

Congratulations Jesse Vega on the nomination for “Vega411” Season 7 the ceremony will be announced in a few weeks ! 

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