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Jesse Vega Plans For A More URBAN ROUTE for next Musical Project.

Since Jan 2018, Jesse Vega was shown on Instagram posting how he was excited to be back in the booth recording new material. It's been 6 months since his debut album "MICROPHONE" that was released in September. Which gained hits like "Im Gonna Show You","Beat Your Face" & "Take It Away". He says, he is proud that his singles managed to gain massive views, recognition on radio and being part of music festival. He had a great full year from 2016-2017 that he ready to be inspired to work on new tunes.

Just yesterday, he was on Facebook Live telling the fans how he got 2 new records he releasing. Both are being considered remixes for both "Beat Your Face" & "Take It Away". He does not know if he will release both or use them in performances. The remixes is confirmed to be produced by Mateo Kaos. He specializes in Ballroom/House and Dance club type music. Their is no date but Jesse confirms "Beat Your Face" REMIX will be accompany by a Visual and be released top of the Summer for Pride EVENTS.

Shown below, Jesse is in the recording studio:RACK CITY STUDIOS Located in the Bronx. Jesse quotes:

"I know what direction I wanna go next it's more urban flow and a touch of love."

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