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Vega411 Episode 5 Hits 1K!! With Fabian Cedeño!

 This comes to a huge surprise to find out Episode 5 Of “Vega411” Season 7 Hits 1,000 Youtube Views in 3 Days. Special Guest to the show Fabian Cedeno has woken the FABES to a huge treat. With him being Interview on his music career,Codependent single release and his Musical Production Of #WomenOnTheVergeOfANervousBreakDown which open up in City College March 15-17. 

  Vega411 has not seen such views storm from a special guest single Vega411 Season 5 “The Club Web-Series” Sophie Phee & Neskia with over 650 Views. Also,Promo segement Of Christina Aguilar gained 4.1K. Of Season 7. This has been the first a Guest came to the show in 7 seasons to hit 1K! Huge thank you to Fabian and many blessings and full of thanks to those who watch the show. 

Attached below Jesse Vega was spotted in City College supporting Fabian at his production of “Women On The Verge Of A Nervous BreakDown”. Get your tickets while their hot. Only 3 shows left. Tonight at 7pm and 2 shows 2pm and 7pm.

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