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Cinema World Festival NOMINATES “Take It Away” for Winter Selection!

 2018 is becoming such a huge year for Jesse Vega from Filming his 2nd Feature Film “Pride & Prejudice:Cut”,New Hot Visual “Take It Away” oh and speaking of “Take It Away” Cinema World Festival has nominated Jesse Vega 3rd Single “Take It Away” Visual to be included in the Festival for this years Winter Selection!! 

  “Take It Away” was written by Daniel Rodriguez & Jesse Vega. Produced by MaverickPop Beats & Engineer by TecMuseProductions. The video was filmed early Jan Directed & Edit by Liu Liam. Choreographed Visual Director Hayley Kiriazi. 

  This will be Jesse Vega’s first ever selection of his Videogrpahy from his Music catalogue to be included in a Festival. Congratulation to “Take It Away” from not only being selected in the Festival but being included Top 5 in LDM Radio!! 

Cinema World Festival will be held for the Winter Selection late 2018 in Ontario,Ottowa Canada!

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