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Take It Away CRACKS Top5 on LDMRadio Show

 Jesse Vega latest Dance-Pop single “Take It Away” Produced by TecMuseProductions and written by Daniel Rodriguez & Jesse Vega has cracked Top5 on LDM Radio Show for the week of Feb 28. The single is his 3rd official single (4th Overall) not including the promo “What’s Goin On ft Kenny Supreme”. Has entered  the charts on Jan 10 2018 as his 7th concecutive week 

Cracking Top5 peaked #5. This is a great achievement to the #VegaNators in pushing the single to crack a milestone Top5. 

    The Visual Of “Take It Away” is still out and available to view on YouTube. So make sure you continue to watch and vote “Take It Away” to crack Top 3!.

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