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R&B Male Artist:Frankee All Day & Fabion Cedano Future Guest On Vega411S7

  On the next upcoming episodes of #Vega411 Episode 5 & 6. Will be two special great episodes of having some Soulful Men in The couch. R&B Pop singers Fabion Cedano & Frankee All Day will be 2 new Stars to discuss their Musical Upcoming Projects!. 

   Fabion Cedano, who just released his First Single “CoDependant” on Jan 12,2018. Has  been storming the Spotify Streaming Charts with over 15 K Listeners! Now he coming to the show to discuss his debut single New Single “Love Is Infinite” and more. Plus Another Singer whose  no stranger to the performing musical scene is Frankee All Day. Is working on a debut Concert for the first time live at BAAD(Bronx Academy Of Arts & Dance) in May. Promoting his new and past music and more on his music endeavors. 

  More details on the filming on the set dates and air dates of both episodes. 

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