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Cinematographer/DP Alberto Rabassa Joins "Stars Dance Series 3"

Stars Dance:The Series have been gearing up for a production in the Spring as they begin their new season for the Comedy Web-Series. The Show, produced and written by Jesse Vega has received 5 episodes in Season 2 by AdmitOneFilms and 3 episodes in Season 1 from Foxy5Productions. Season 2's Episode 1:"The After Math" & Episode 2:"Simply Sassy" so far has the most views episodes in Season 2 and continues to achieve more. Now, with great news it been told Alberto Rabassa will join again as Cinematographer & DP of the production of Season 3 "Stars Dance:The Series" which will begin production in March-May & Sept.

UPDATE: There is news that "Stars Dance:The Series(Season 2) was submitted for the NJ Web Festival in the Fall. More details if the project became a contender in the finale of the festival by August.

Keep watching "Stars Dance:The Series" Season 2 below of Ep 1-5.

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