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Jesse Vega Will Be on "The 4 U Show" Radio Show 02/16 & "The Diamante Show"

Jesse Vega has booked a Radio slot for his first time on a local independent show called "The 4 U Show". A radio show interviewing the latest artist in the inner city community promoting their records. On Feb 16 2018, he will be on the radio show located in Yonkers,NY promoting his new single "Take It Away" & his first single "Im Gonna Show You".

Then, on Feb 17 his performance at "The Diamante/La Nueva Ola Show" performing "Take It Away" will debut.

Make sure you buy his new single "TAKE IT AWAY" available to own on all music outlets & watch his latest music video "Take It Away" link below.

"Take It Away" (Music Video)


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