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Jesse Vega Hits Back In The Studio *SnapShot*

 It’s been a very busy year for Jesse Vega as he kicked off 2018 with the music,Birthday and Filming a movie. It’s like he doesn’t stop working and creating. Previously, on January 5th he was hard at work busy filming his 3rd Single off MICROPHONE on location in Brooklyn filming “Take It Away”.  Plus on Jan 10, he entered his 28 Birthday with a live video performance of his single “Take It Away” live at Smash Studios. The performance gained a lot of positive feedback and managed to enter On LDM Radio for Independent Artist. Currently he holds the spot at #8 making Top10. 

  Now with all the great feedback and love from his music career he decided to be inspired live life and get back into the booth. Posted below,Jesse snap shot a selfie with him in the booth. He quotes “Back At It Again For 2018” #BeingCreative #BeingInpired. What can Mister Vega be cooking up in the studio for 2018. More details coming soon.

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