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"Take It Away" Premiers on Dec 22

The holidays are going to look very generous this season for the fans of Jesse Vega. Announced today Jesse Vega plans to release his 3rd and final single (4th Overall) off his debut album "MICROPHONE".

"Take It Away" a song that was written on a collaborative effort between Daniel Rodriguez and Jesse Vega. The new single is a Dance-Pop record that can be viewed under the album. The single will be available on all music outlets on Dec 22.

The week of the 18 is going to be looking very busy as the year wraps up with the Season Finale of "Stars Dance:The Series"(Season 2) and Friday is the release of new single "Take It Away". Their are plans for shooting the music video top of the new year. More details coming your way in the top of 2018.

Enjoy the single cover.

Single Available everywhere iTunes,Apple Music and Spotify.

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