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Stars Dance:The Series Picked Up For SEASON 3!

After a successful debut episode of the new season of "Stars Dance;The Series". Fans have been wanting more on the storylines and longer episodes and more comedy from the Web-Series Comedy Show. With all the positive feedback, it has been announced as of today "Stars Dance:The Series" will be picked up for a follow up season!!.

Season 3 will be commencing for 2018 and sources says production will be in effect by late Spring early Summer 2018. Writing is in effect as of now and their will be more details on the new season in the coming months. Congratulations to everyone from Hayley Kirazi(Ruby Pierce Waters) Kenneth Padilla(Damien WashingTon) Jesse Vega(Julian Young) and cinematographer Alberto Rabassa under AdmitOneFilms and many more behind the scenes as well as Paul Williams Co-Producer.

See you in 2018!!

Episode 4 and 5 of Season 2 continues on Dec 4 and Season Finale Dec 18! dont miss it.

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