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Big News!!:Vega411 Season 7 Premiers in Jan!

Great big news for "Vega411" after a successful year of having the Talk-Show of "Vega411 entering a new home at the MNN Studios. The Talk-Show has not only have a great successful run on a 10-episode stint. Back in June of 2017,The show has gained its first award at the "PEOPLES FILM FESTIVAL" I.e.'OOlee Awards" in the category of :Public Media Award Of Excellence in a syndicated Local Public access talk-show.

The show has gained up to 2,100 Views in 10 episodes of last season and continues to rise. Now, with a brand new season on the rise and the amazing achievement of the award. The show will begin to reprise in Jan 2018. With new guest, new topics, new headlines and more fun.

Vega411 Production begin in Nov & Dec for a January release. Details on the date coming real soon.

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