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September 23 was Jesse Vega's first live performance giving his fans a taste of his album in 6 minutes. The choreography was choreographed for the production by Hayley Kiriazi. She is best known for her Zumba Instructing and being part of "Pretty Big Movement". She is also be making her debut for the first time Acting in a Web-Series called "Stars Dance:The Series due in Oct 23.

The set included his signature hits like "Im Gonna Show You" & "Beat Your Face". With new material like "Do It All Over Again" produced by Leon7 and "Take It Away" produced by TecMuse among many others including the intro "Proven Myself" & "Beat Your Face". The audience was nothing but positive and intrigued on the set list for his appearance on the support of "MICROPHONE". The theme for the medley was to give a Burlesque/Cabaret theme somewhat shown on the album cover.

View the full performance below:

Don't forget to Buy MICROPHONE available on all music outlets!!

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