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First Look at #LastNightOnEarth

Busy weekend for Jesse Vega as he did a double duty on two projects. Thursday night was his debut album “MICROPHONE” being released to All Music Outlets. The fans are hooked on songs liek “I’m Gonna Show You”,”Beat Your Face” and “Take It Away”. In addition to the album he Open up the “Thank You Party” for Appolonia Cruz get together and did a 6-minute Medley Performance. Video will be posted Monday afternoon. 

  This Sunday, he was busy on set filming his first Short-Film” since 2015 “Silentious”.    A Drama called “Last Night On Earth” Directed,written and produced by Christopher Harris. Shown below is Jesse and his co-star playing cops Lieutenants more specific. Jesse plays Lieutenant Grant.

A film about how one Lieutenant Cop gets a disturbing call on the epedemic Of homeless people collided in downtown South Brooklyn. He realizes how the world has no sympathy for people in need. 

“Last Night On Earth” won’t be due till early 2018.

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