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2 Independent Short Films Cast Jesse Vega for a Fall Production!

Photo Attached:On the set of #StarsDanceSeries2 Premier on Oct 23,2017. 

  Jesse Vega has booked not one but 2 Film projects being held for the rest of the Fall of 2017. One in particular is a Independent Short Film titled "Last Night On Earth". A Drama about A New York Police Officer answers a call to investigate a homeless person who is reported to be in distress. When he along with his partner Officer Claxton arrive to the location,they are confronted with the reality of street life and the lack of compassion from the world they both live in. 

Jesse Vega gets the role of "Lieutenant Joe Grant". Who gets called in to work the Graveyard shift on investigating homicides of the homeless and mentally ill. 

The Film is being written,produced and directed by Christopher Harris. Christopher Harris is also in early treatment on considering a role for Jesse in a Psycological Horror Film about "Sleep Paralysis" which won't be in production untill late Oct.

"Last Night On Earth" begins production this weekend. 

Also don't miss out on his current Web-Series "Stars Dance:The Series" Season 2 premiering on Oct 23,2017 on a 5 Episode Premier from Oct-Dec. 

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