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#MICROPHONE Cover Art & Track Listing

Today you can pre-order your copy of Jesse Vega's #MICROPHONE Album. A Dance-Pop Album with 7 tracks,2 Hits songs such as "Beat Your Face" & "In Gonna Show You". Plus 3 new Tracks "Done Leave Me","Do It All Over Again" & "Take It Away". The Album was produced by TecMuse Productions. He produced 4/7 tracks and such collaborations include:Kenny Supreme,Daniel Rodriguez and FrozenInTimeRec.

1.Frozen In Time Rec Produced the track for "In Gonna Show You".

2.TecMuse & Jesse collaborated on #ProvenMyself Intro,#BeatYourFace,#TakeItAway and the Pop Ballad #DontLeaveMe

3.Leon7 a Dance/House Deep House Producer gave his love on a track called #DoItAllOverAgain which is a Deep House Track with high energy and fast beats. 

4. Track 7 is a callaborative effort between Pop Artist Kenny Supreme and Jesse on the Theme song to "Vega411" Talk Show of #WhatsGoinOn

Pre-Order for #MICROPHONE available now at $4.99. Get it right now and preview the album before 09.22.17 

Link provided to Pre-Order  

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