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MICROPHONE Debut Album Out 09.22.17

Earlier this afternoon at 1pm.Jesse Vega was on Facebook Live annoucing some exciting news he wanted to share coming in September. He kicked off the Live-Feed on an Upcoming Performance on Sept 23. A "Thank You Party" produced and hosted by Appolonia Cruz being held at BAAD(Bronx Academy Of Arts And Dance. He says,he's working with Creative Co-Director Hayley Kiriazi on producing a Medley in promotion of his Upcoming Debut Album "MICROPHONE" . "MICROPHONE" Album, is Executive Produced and Produced by "TecMuse" and many callaborative Producers from Leon7 & FrozenInTimeRec. The Album, will debut on September 22 2017 with Pre-Orders beginning on August 19,2017.

  Jesse Vega says the Album is strictly Dance-Pop with the exception of one ballad titled "Don't Leave Me". The Album,contains all 7 of original tracks and 2 out of the 7 are hit singles such as "Im Gonna Show You" written by:Rufus Chisholm and Co-written by Jesse Vega. It was also produced by Frozen In Time Rec. His latest single "Beat Your Face" was produced by "TecMuse" and written by Jesse Vega. Plus you also have the promo single in support of his talk-show "Vega411" called "What's Goin On" ft Kenny Supreme.

  With 3 new songs like "Do It All Over Again","Don't Leave Me" and "Take It Away". This is one Album you don't wanna miss out on. Here is the Album Cover of "MICROPHONE".

The Album Cover to "MICROPHONE" was photographed by Jose Ramos. He is well known on his photography projects  of GNoteEnt. Get into this amazing shoot with Jesse Vega!! 

  "MICROPHONE" will be available to Pre-Order on Aug 19,2017 on ITunes. Apple Music,Spotify,Google Play Music,Pandora and many others will be available on The Album Release on Sept 22,2017. You can also be able to get physical copies from Amazon On Demand. More details will be announced when coming closer to the date. 

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