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"Stars Dance:The Series" Season 2 Promo

Almost a year since the first season of "Stars Dance:The Series. Did not take long for it to be picked up for a Second Season.A show, about 3 Friends whom all share the gift and passion for Dance. All goes through multiple turn of events to survive college and make it through to the next step of advancing there careers. Three friends, Ruby,Damien and Julian shows the lives of there dramatic craziness but their friendship and love for each other keep the three intact.

In the last season, you got to see how Julian convinces the gang on trying out for a open-call dance audition. For a "Major-Cruise Ship".Which in the end, turns out to be a hoax. Within the series, you got to see all aspects of their personalities when collaborating with one another. Which in the end didn't turn out very well. But,even with all the drama there friendship and continuing on to fight through the hard times make them come together and make one hell of an audition like they never forget.

Now moving forward ,they ended the last season where Julian receives a Phone-Call from the judges which leaves Julian shocked on the news presented to him. What happens next? did they made the cut or are they back to there normal lives of College student trying to make it in the game for a miracle to happen.

Here is the first ever Promo Video footage of the show and first ever Official Season 2 Poster of "Stars Dance:The Series" Season 2! Filming began the end of the spring between early May and finished early June.

Season 2 will debut on October 23,2017.


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