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"Beat Your Face" Visual Music Video for a 07.17.17 World Premier Release

 On July 17,2017 the world will know what it means to "Beat Your Face" to the BEAT. The Second single off Jesse Vega's Upcoming Debut Album "MICROPHONE" has everyone dancing this Summer. "Beat Your Face" is a Dance driven song produced by Barry Vasquez aka "TecMuse". A song about the use of makeup and the power behind it making you feel like a whole new powerful person. It is a LGBT Dance inspired theme. On giving you the confidence to apply makeup and make you feel brand new. 

  The single, was released on May 12,2017 and the responces has just been all positive. Jesse Vega, debuted the single live in Queens Pride on June 4,2017 in front of 1,000 of LGBT supporters. The Visual was accompanied by Director/Editor Alberto Rabassa under "AdmitOneFilms". The choreography will be taken over by Hayley Kiriazi and Akiko Tokuoka. 

Theme For The Video: I want the video to be pay a tribute to the late 80's early 90's. On how the Gay scene use to be, when all the Gays/Drag Queens will all get together and live their lives by going to Christopher Street to Vouge and have a good time. It's basically an omash to "Paris Is Burning". By Be who you are and let no one stop you on living your truth. 

Music Video Release- 07.17.17 on JesseV3GA Music YouTube Channel. 

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