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OOLEE Awards:Jesse Vega Wins Big(Vega411 Public Media Of Excellence)

It was a big win this morning for Jesse Vega as he accepts his first award for his Televised Tv-Talk Show "Vega411". A Syndicated Pop-Culture Program that caters to young adults from the ages of 18-30. Dealing with today"s Social Media in promoting Actor's,Dancers,Singers,TV Shows Music and Trending Topics on Social media. In April 2017 it was announced that "Vega411" has gotten the nomination for "Public Media Of Excellence in the "OOLEE Awards Ceremony". Today, he wins huge for his first win for "Vega411" with his team Paul Williams Producer and Alberto Rabassa Camera Operator of "Vega411 Season 6. 

   Vega411 Has been around for 4 years on releasing 2 Season per year. Originally produced recorded and broadcasted on YouTube each week. Now it has it own platform for Public-Access tv to view him each Saturday at 3pm on the MN(Manhatten Neighborhood Network).

  While accepting his award he announced due to the success "Vega411" Season 7 will be Debuting Spring 2018!! Congratulations to the team that made it happen. Check out the images below.

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