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Hayley Kiriazi and Akiko Tokuoka Head Choreographers For "Beat Your Face" Music Video

The New Single by Jesse Vega titled "Beat Your Face" has been making massive noise in the LGBT community. Released on May 12,2017, is the new single off the album "MICROPHONE"."Beat Your Face" is no stranger to giving the fans what they want when it comes to High energy and Dancing. Produced and Mix by Engineer TecMuse Productions has made a big hit with this production. Everyone love how the beat captures you in just when you listen the first few bars of the song. The high-lights are the catchy Chorus and the trance Dance-Break that comes into the beat of the song. 

   Currently, Jesse Vegas has been for the past week at Rehersals gearing for his First Live performance Debuting the single "Beat Your Face" at Queens Pride on June 4. He says he want the routine to be sexy,full of dramatics and Sass. Choreographing the pieces are both Hayley Kiriazi and Akiko Tokuoka. They been working on the routines to make the performance and moment you can never forget.

Music Video: Jesse Vega also plans to shoot the visual of the music video in 2 weeks time after Queens Pride. Both Hayley & Akiko will be accompany the visual aspect in terms of choreography. It Will have elements of House Routine choreographed By Hayley and Vouge/Hand Formation Elements choreographed by Akiko. Akiko, is also part of the "House Of Ninja". 

Production for the Music Video will be Filming week of the 19-28. More updates coming real soon. 

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