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"Beat Your Face" New Single Available May 12!

This has been a surprise in the world of music for Jesse Vega. For the past couple of months, Jesse Vega has been hard at work in the recording studio putting the finishing touches of his Debut EP "MICROPHONE" due in the summer. In the last 8 months, he has released 2 records. One in particular called "Im Gonna Show You" which has been the debut single for the project "MICROPHONE". The single, has gain so many plays on Spotify & Google Play and the video which is available to watch on Youtube is still gaining views. Jesse, has also released a promo single in support of his Talk-Show "Vega411" titled "Whats Going On" Ft Kenny Supreme. The song has been his theme song to the show and the main jingle.

After almost half of the year, he is due for a Second single and a follow up to "Im Gonna Show You". The single cover, which was debuted one hour ago is his new record called "Beat Your Face". Shown on the cover, is a Face shot with makeup brushes and a Glamazon look with makeup on his face. He says, this new record is going to be a revolution for the LGBT community and a theme to not only Gay's but Trans,Drag Queens and Women in particular.

Th single he says is a "Dance Record" produced by "TecMuse Productions" aka Barry Vasquez. Who not only produced the single, but he's also executive producing the album "MICROPHONE".

Make sure you purchase his new single "Beat Your Face". It will be available on iTunes,Apple Music,Google Play & Spotify.

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