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Meet The Guys of "Stars Dance:The Series" Season 2

Just last week "Stars Dance:The Series" announced there ladies of new cast members and re-cast of old cast to the project of "Stars Dance". A comedy Web series about 3 friends Ruby,Damien and Julian who all share one common talent the gift and passion for Dance. Their struggles to get through College and dealing with their individual personal set backs keeps the friendship of the 3 afloat when surviving the next big thing.

In Season 2, an additional 3 new character's has been added to the series. Already announced "Muffin" is the hench girl and gossiper of Cynthia's crew in a past life. Plus, also added to the clan Timothy Bonet & Joe Tartaglia has also signed in to be part of the series.

Timothy Bonet, is an Independent Rap Artist who has numerous cover songs and original Music Video's under his Youtube Channel. You may remember him when he came to "Vega411" with his partner and now co-star in the series Kenny Supreme. Aside from them doing music they will be working together in the acting field. Timothy, will be playing the love interest to Kenny's character "Damien".

Timothy Bonet playing "Brian"(The Waiter)

Actor Joe Tartaglia is also playing a love-interest to Ruby. Which becomes a tangled trio web when both Cynthia played by Jayleen Torres get's involved in the mix.

Joe Tartaglia playing "Christian"

"Stars Dance:The Series" Season 2 begins Production in May.

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