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Meet The Ladies of "Stars Dance:The Series Season 2!

Stars Dance:The Series Season 2 has been starting on a great start. Beginning with new fresh faces on re-cast of some familiar characters and new characters for Season 2. Starting with a new "Ruby" & "Cynthia" and brand new character titled "Muffin". Here are some of the ladies of "Stars Dance:The Series" Season 2!

Ruby, who was originally played by Sarah Cuoco in Season 1 got a new fresh face. Friend of both Julian & Damien will just continue the journey on where the trio left off. Hayley Kiriazi a Dancer,Dance Instructor and part of a dance group called "Pretty Big Movement". Is excited to be part of the new series. She quotes:"I Love the character Ruby, and what she represents. She a easy breezy role who just grounded on her morals in life". I am so thrilled to dive in and be part of such a great cast".

Hayley Kiriazi as "Ruby Pierce Waters"

Dinah Alobeid, who use to play the character and feisty antagonist of the Ruby,Damien and Julian "Cynthia" will also be getting a fresh face to play the role. Jayleen Torres. Will be playing the role of "Cynthia". Here is a tidbit in Season 2 you will get to see some back-story between the hostile relarionship between Ruby & Cynthia.

Jayleen Torres as "Cynthia Walker"

With every series need development and growth. So in Season 2 there will be a new character coming to life. Her name is "Muffin Macdeou". Muffin, will be one of Cynthia's hench girlfriends whom goes to be the gossiper and the rat of the group. She has a relationship with Cynthia in terms of scraping on the dirt on people and drama. Jennifer Suter, will be tapping into the new role and the production team of "Stars Dance:The Series" can't wait to see this comical quirky character come to life on screen.

Jennifer Suter as "Muffin Macdeou"

"Stars Dance:The Series" Season 2 will be starting production in May with a Release of the New Season in the Fall Stay tuned on more updates coming soon.

& Watch Last season on Playlist of "Stars Dance The Series".

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