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Lulu Destiny Part 1 & 2 Season Finale of "Vega411Season 6!

It's The season finale of "Vega411" and were treating you guys with not 1 but 2 Episodes of the Finale. Starting off, in Episode 1 Lulu Destiny Rios joins on the show to talk about her struggles with being in the music industry. Then, later she discusses how she went from doing music as a passion hobby to professional. Plus, she performs a 10 minute performance of her first single "Your My Destiny" & Medly of Selena Mix.

Then don't go anywhere because there still more of LULU!! In part 2, Lulu and Jesse Vega sits down to talk about the passing of Selena Quintanilla. Its her 22 anniversary on March 31,2017 and we relive her memorable moments. Then closing the show Lulu performs a tribute to Selena in honor of her death.

Watch here

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