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MICROPHONE-EP Title debuting this Summer

The announcement comes as Jesse Vega was Live-Streaming on Facebook. Giving his fans tons of exciting information that is to come for the rest of 2017. He starts the news by saying "Vega411" will come to a close on March 18,2017. The show, will have a double premier of Episode 9/10. Special guest and musical appearance by Lulu Destiny will be present to perform and give a tribute to Selene Quintallia.

Not only Vega411 will be premiering it's season finale. But the Music Video titled "Whats Goin On!" featuring Kenny Supreme will debut. The single, will be part of Jesse Vega's first ever EP coming in the summer titled "MICROPHONE".

MICROPHONE Inspiration: I titled it "MICROPHONE" because as a kid growing up it was the first object I became fascinated with. The Microphone was a way for me to express myself through the arts of "Acting,"Dancing and Singing". With the MICROPHONE, it help me to gain the confidence to use my personal experiences and express it from paper to the Microphone.

"MICROPHONE" will debut in the summer with one more single to kick off the project. He says his 3rd single with be DANCE from beginning to end!.

TecMuse Productions is Executive Producing the Album.

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