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AdmitOneFilms & Paul Williams attached to "Stars Dance:The Series 2"

"Stars Dance:The Series, is on the look for a Producer and Director to attached themselves to the continuation of Season 2. Just announced this morning, Paul Williams a certified Producer who's been working with Jesse Vega for "Vega411" has agreed a few weeks ago to Produce "Stars Dance:The Series". Last year, when "Stars Dance:The Series" was created Foxy5 Ent. Were the first to sign on to the project. A Dance Company independently produced by Jessie Diaz and Sarah Cuoco. Who not only help forsee the vision of the series but did work on choreography & Directorial Aspect.

Now, Foxy5 won't be able to continue with having anything to do with "Stars Dance:The Series" due to scheduling conflicts. It was announced few weeks that both Foxy5 and Sarah who plays "Ruby" in the series will be moving on with other projects. But like they always say the show must go on and the hunt for a Producer and Director was on the way.

Paul Williams, who's worked with Jesse Vega on "Vega411" has got first dibs on the script and the characters. He quotes: "I'm loving the series and the characters within it. It's a show about 3 friends whom go through individual dramatic turmoil of events in there lives. The ship, which is the gift and passion for "Dance" carries there friendships to the other side. Meetings have been adjourned and Paul says he can't wait to start production. He's been the eyes and ears for the casting, locations and scheduling for the series.

With a great show need's a Director to help execute the project from paper to the screen. What better way to do it on associating itself to a production company named "Admit One Films". An Independent production company owned by Cinematographer Alberto Rabassa. AdmitOneFilms, has been around for 1 year now and they got a few Music video's under it's belt. Especially, Jesse Vega's first single "I'm Gonna Show You" which it's nearly hitting 1,000 Video Hits. Alberto who's worked with Jesse Vega for years is challenged but excited to work on his first ever Web-Series. He quotes "I never did a series just Music Video's. How hard can it be to shoot a visual except this time with lines. It may be a lot of work but I intend to take up the challenge, it shall be an interesting ride."

Jesse Vega and Paul Williams are in the auditioning/casting process. More details on the way on cast, production information and release dates. Stay tuned for more coming your way don't miss a second of it.

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