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Casting For "Stars Dance:The Series" Season 2 Backstage & More.

Announced just last month. Jesse Vega's first ever produced Web-Series titled "Stars Dance". A comedy, about 3 friends whom all share the gift and passion for dance. Struggles with dealing with personal issues on making it through college. Their friendship for both Ruby,Damien and Julian show's the dynamic's of the relationship on going through all turn of events.

Last season, Julian tell's both Ruby and Damien about an open dance call for a major cruise line is hiring dancers. But the catch of the audition is there looking for dance groups. So Julian convince's Ruby and Damien to collaborate with each other to make it through a Major opportunity that may change their lives. Issues arise, when they first enter the room they find out the "Major Cruise Line" was never even Major but a hoax. The series end's on a high note when Julian receives a call from the Judges that may or may not have the gang booked the job.

Season 2 kick's off right where Season 1 left on open unanswered questions. Did either Ruby,Damien or Julian booked the job. Did they made it through as a group or didn't make it after all?

Last Night, a casting call for some new character's was brought to Backstage and Craigslist. On looking for some new fresh talent. Below is just a few of the publicized post.

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