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ScreenWriter Roy E. Gonzalez Co-Writes "Stars Dance Series 2"

Stars Dance Series created,produced and starring Jesse Vega. Is a Comedy Web-Show about 3 friends who all share the gift and passion for Dance. There friendship for one another, leads them into tons of life complications. With the gift of dance and their love for one another keep each characters Ruby,Damien and Julian relationship afloat. 

  In Season 1 Julian informs Damien and Ruby about a Open-Dance call Audition for a major cruise line. Complications arise when Julian persuade the two to collaborate with each other on a dance piece. Once they begin they see how working together can become a big challenge. 

  In the final episode, we see the open Major cruise line was never "Major" after all. Left with the conclusion of Ruby,Damien and Julian going with the audition with all they got and left with no answer on the verdict.  Until when Julian gets a call from the judges he left speechless on what the news could be...

After a successful response on Episode 1-3 of Season 1. Stars Dance Series continues in the early writing process. Screenwriter of "The Crooked Mind" Roy E. Gonzales attaches to the project to Co-Write and Edit the Script. Here is a image look on what Roy Posted. 

You can now watch all full episodes of Full Season 1 of Episode 1-3 on YouTube right here. 

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