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Vega411 Get's Pitched by the MNN(Manhatten Neighborhood Network) For 2017!

It's been a busy year for Jesse Vega from releasing Music,his first ever produced Web Comedy Series "Stars Dance" to even working on his talk show called "Vega411". 

  Speaking of Vega411, Jesse been in talks with the MNN to pitch off his Season 6 to distribute it inside a studio based environment. Paul Williams, a Producer at the MNN has been part of the program for months and has taken an interest on "Vega411". Both Paul and Jesse worked with each other in the 2015 Silent Film "Silentious".

   Now both Paul and Jesse are Co-Executive Producing Vega411. To start it release in 2017 with filming beginning next week. Jesse, has been familiar with promoting his talents to MNN where he performed twice at "La Nueva Ola" & "The Diamanté Show" for his single "Im Gonna Show You". 

  Plus, don't miss this weekend on BXNet Where he host for the first time ever in "The Diamanté Show". Check your local listings where you can view the show. This is an exciting partnership with Paul and MNN to bring Vega411 Talk-Show to a whole new platform. 

Stay tuned for Vega411S6 in 2017!! 

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