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(Behind The Scenes) Snap Shots "Im Gonna(Show You) Music Video

For the past few weeks, Jesse Vega has been under wraps and private on his Music Ventures. Just two days ago, he was on a Facebook Live Chat and announced his single title "Im Gonna(Show You)". He explains its a EDM (Electronic Dance Music) and speaks on behalf of being who you are and not let society chain you down to what you should and should not do.

Now released online are a few On the Set and Behind The Scenes images of the visual treatment of the Music Video. Attached is Director Alberto Rabassa who is having his first ever company "Admit One Films" Directing/Editing the video.

excited huh your wondering what could be the concept and idea for the video as we see a Office,Bathroom and outdoor party. Which a week ago he Instagram posted his event at the BlackLightSlide.

Stay tuned in for more information.

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