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Facebook Live: Jesse Announced single title "Im Gonna Show You" and 2 Projects Release.

Just a few moments ago,Jesse Vega was on Facebook Live. Speaking to his fans on the latest upcoming projects being released for the Fall. He began with introducing his first ever Feature-Length Film "The Crooked Mind". The creation of how it started,the audition process and what it was like to be on set. On the second half of the Live feed, he spoke on his produced web-series. Initially began as a Music Video project but now a demo 3-part Pilot called "Stars Dance Series" . Premiering in September and a collaboration effort with Foxy5 company. Lastly, the news of all news while ending the live feed he announced his first ever debut independent single titled "Im Gonna(Show You)". He says it a mix of EDM House (Electronic Dance Music). The premise of the song, is being who you are and not living your life being chained down to what society says. He begins by saying it a universal song for all types of people. The record and music video will be released simultaneously and more update news on the project in the coming weeks.

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